Product Maintenance

Painted Concrete Products

Looking After Your New Furniture

When you put a lot of effort into choosing the right outdoor furniture and stoneware, you want it to last for years to come. Wexford Stone Crafts Ltd can offer you tips on looking after your new patio furniture after over 20 years of selling our products. The finish on our products are generally maintenance free for approximately 3 to 5 years or longer depending on exposure and particular product. Our statues and fountains ect usually benefit from age and blend into your garden and need little maintenance. Patio furniture may just need a clean with luke warm water as required. The table and bench tops get the hardest of the elements due to their large horizontal surface area and it’s these areas which may need to be simply touched up in the 3 to 5 years to return your product to as new condition for another 3 to 5 years and beyond .Unlike timber and metal furniture ect the concrete remains solid and does not rot or rust and you are mearly just touching up the surface of the concrete. Please see video illustration on how to do this.

In time you may decide to renew the finish on your product following our simple steps and information set out below. Weather you bought a piece from us almost 20 years ago or are deciding to purchase a new product from us now, please do not hesitate to contact usPlease don’t hesitate to contact me for any further advice or information on refurbishing your product.

Paint Information

We use Masonry paints on our products ie Dulux, Fleetwood Johnstones ect and these are readily available from any good hardware or paint shop.

Our main colours are as follows:

Base coat:
Any Black Masonry for base coat (2.5 litre would be sufficient for most ornaments and tables with some to spare)

Colours: (tester pots will be more than enough to add the required colour)

White: Any White Masonry paint

Brown: Fleetwood Tudor brown

Green: Fleetwood Deepest green (mix with a little white masonary paint to lighten a little)

Yellow: Fleetwood Harvest gold

Product Maintenance

Useful Tips

  • To lighten the Deepest green colour mix some White with it
  • To achieve the skin colour for the boys and girls etc. mix some Tudor brown with White

Very small amounts of these colours are required when painting so its best if you are mixing these colours together to only mix small amounts rather than the full pot until you are happy with the colour.

Helpful Advice and Guidance

We offer a guide to show you the best way to keep your outdoor furniture in top condition. You will be able to utilise handy techniques by taking a look at the video below…